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01 Rachel GardnerResilience in Faith  

Rachel Gardner 
We sometimes think that as Christians we should be instantly resilient. But the goal of faith is not to become bullet proof. It’s not to ‘bounce back’ from the challenges and knocks we face. Instead, building on the promises of God we can learn how to grow in contentment and courage in every situation. In this seminar we will be exploring how to live and serve with a deep faith in God that is storm proof, battle ready and beautiful to the bone.

02 John Wyatt
Ethical Issues raised by the Covid Pandemic, Telemedicine and Home Abortions03 Naomi Marsden

Professor John Wyatt and Naomi Marsden
The coronavirus pandemic has been the greatest public health emergency for 100 years and we are still trying to come to terms with its life-changing impact in so many areas. This seminar will look at a range of ethical issues and concerns including treatment decisions in hospitals, concerns about vaccines, misinformation on social media, the shift to telemedicine and the large increase in home abortions. How can we develop authentic Christian responses to these challenges in a rapidly changing environment.

04 Jonathan JeffesThe Stress Test  

Jonathan Jeffes  
Jonathan will be talking about a new programme called ‘The Stress Test’. Based on 25 years experience of talking with women and men who have been through an abortion, ‘The Stress Test’ is about challenging people to think clearly and communicate well about what they would personally want to do in an unintended pregnancy. Jonathan believes that this is the missing gap in the way that our culture currently thinks about the subject and where Christian organisations could make the biggest difference. 

09 Tanya Allen
Marketing Stream Part 1: Marketing Your Centre  

Tanya Allen 
Do you know how your clients find out about your centre? Do you need more volunteers? Who are your supporters? Are you looking to raise awareness of your centre? Is your publicity (leaflets and online) accurate and up to date? All these questions and more will be discussed and answered in this seminar. 

05 Craig BettsMarketing Stream Part 2: Website Development  

Craig Betts
Craig has years of experience in designing great looking websites but more importantly making sure that the right people get to see them. It's no good looking good if no one gets to see you. Come along to this seminar if you want some helpful advice on your website and how to attract the right people to it. 

09 Tanya AllenMarketing Stream Part 3: Attracting Crisis Pregnancy Clients 

Tanya Allen 
Seeing Pregnancy Choice clients is at the heart of why our centres exist, and our aim is to help as many clients who are in need of our support as possible. If you would like to attract more Pregnancy Choice clients you are invited to this seminar.  

We will be discussing how your current clients find out about your centre, ways you can increase the number of Pregnancy Choice client enquiries you receive, how to initiate conversations with healthcare professionals and how to raise awareness of the Pregnancy Choice support that you offer. 

06 Lucie Wheeler07 Nikki Mellard Online and Telephone Support for Clients 

Lucie Wheeler and Nikki Mellard 
Lucie and Nikki will be sharing their experiences and the in-house training they have developed. This will be an interactive seminar with an opportunity to share together about lessons learnt during the pandemic. 

13 Helen Webb14 Vikki Neal Showcasing the New PCN Manuals 

Helen Webb and Vikki Neal  
PCN have written and produced a new Pregnancy Choices manual, a Post Abortion manual and a Setting Up a Centre manual.  Helen and Vikki will be giving you an opportunity to see these, experience something of the training course, ask any questions related to them and find out how you can access training or be able to deliver the training.  

06 Lucie WheelerPregnancy Loss and the Impact on Subsequent Pregnancies 

Lucie Wheeler 
Lucie will be presenting the research she carried out for her PhD, looking at women's experiences of a fertility journey that has included both loss and living children, particularly focussing on support throughout this journey, and the impact of the experience of loss on the next pregnancy. 

11 Celia Wyatt12 Ali ThompsonLinking Faith to Best Practice 

Celia Wyatt and Ali Thompson 
How do we reconcile aiming for professional secular standards yet without losing our original vision and conviction that our Christian faith informs all we do and say? Ali and Celia will help us explore this question, identify the Biblical principles and stimulate us all to aim at providing the highest standard of care, fully informed by Biblical convictions.

08 Sophie Guthrie-Kummer11 Celia WyattSuccession Planning: empowering a new generation 

Sophie Guthrie-Kummer and Celia Wyatt 
How can centres plan well for succession of staff and trustees and what pitfalls could be avoided?  Sophie and Celia will help us to explore good ways of succession planning from their own experience and will help us identify how to make this process easier on both the newer generation and those handing on the baton.