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02 John Wyatt

Ethical Issues 

Professor John Wyatt 

This seminar will focus on the ethics of abortion and medical advances in pre-natal screening. It will equip counsellors particularly in understanding the processes that clients are taken through, and the decisions they have to make following a diagnosis of fetal abnormality.  The seminar will also look at the wider impact of political events in the USA, including the recent Supreme Court judgement about Roe v Wade, on the public debate about abortion in the UK.


Responding to Emotional Distress

Rae Morphin - Transforming Lives for Good

Rae Morfin

Taking Psalm 23 as our inspiration for emotional care, we will ask the questions:
  • What does emotional distress look like?
  • What does being 'trauma informed' mean?
  • How, as non-specialists, can we respond adequately to those who are struggling with deep-rooted emotional challenges?
  • Where does our faith go when our prayers don't seem to be answered?

Let's explore together the themes of emotional health, the neurology of trauma and the difference we can make as we journey with others through struggle and heartache.

Men, Grief and the Cavemike coulson
Mike Coulson - Care for the Family
Do men grieve ‘properly’? That may depend on who is asking! This seminar will take a look at what grief is and how we process it, with a particular focus on the man’s role in the family and how men and women can often grieve very differently. We’ll try to explore a few of those differences in how men sometimes handle the grieving process, the impact on their close relationships and the types of support that may be helpful in aiding them deal with their loss in the short, medium and longer-term.
Domestic Abuse and Pregnancy006 Carolina Kuzaks-Cardenas
Carolina Kuzaks-Cardenas - Restored UK


In the UK 1 in 4 women will experience domestic abuse during their lifetime. In many cases abuse in intimate relationships starts or heightens during pregnancy. In this seminar we will explore why this is and how our increased awareness of what domestic abuse is and how it is perpetrated can support victims/survivors to find their way out of relationships with abusers.

Self-Care - looking after ourselves both emotionally and spiritually

Judy McGibbon and Ali Thompson - PCN

12 Ali Thompson

Judy McGibbon

It is very easy for us to be so busy and involved with our client work, that our walk with God can get put on the sidelines. We can also neglect our own well-being and are in danger of burnout. We will be sharing from our own experiences and bringing some of what we have learnt – sometimes the hard way - in order to stay spiritually and mentally well.

Helen Turley009 Becca Juniper
Becca Juniper and Helen Turley - PCN
Becca and Helen will explain how to apply for grant funding for your centre and will also share ideas for successful fundraising events.


GDPR/Cyber Security
Maureen Chaffe - Process Matters 2007 Maureen Chaffe
Maureen has kindly agreed to hold a surgery for anyone who has questions about GDPR legislation, website requirements and how to use Microsoft Office to ensure the security of confidential information.  Please sign up at Reception for a 20 minute appointment.  She is also happy to chat to anyone during coffee breaks.